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Just Jameen's community involvement goals involve deaf and hard of hearing children and young adults.  As in the past we have coordinated collecting funds to assist families with sending deaf and hard of hearing children to a variety of camps in and out of the State.  The Greater Metro Detroit Lions Club of District 11-A 1 has been instrumental in making this possible and we are very appreciative of this. 

Just Jameen CEO Deborah Love is a former board member of Lions of Michigan Hearing Center (Detroit, MI) and Detroit Parent Network (Detroit).  She is the current Treasurer and board member of the Association for the Advancement of Deaf/Hard of Hearing (AADHH). I has been a member of the International Lion Organization for 25 years.

She is passionate and concerned about improving education for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Our goal this year is to raise the funds to assist with the education of deaf and hard of hearing students.  You can assist us by calling or emailing us for more information regarding any program you would like to support:

Buying hearing aids for deaf or hard of hearing
Sending a child to camp
Scholarship for Deaf or Hard of Hearing Students

Tutoring for deaf.Hard of Hearing Students

For more information on how you can help e-mail us at communityservice@justjameen.com or call us at 313-279-1494 or text or call 313-377-7767

Help us support adotion of a family for  Christmas as well as helping deaf/hard of heairng students who attend college in these challenging times.

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