Assisting a Deaf Student

As many know it has been my goal to assist deaf young adults succeed in school.   It was my goal to do more this year but with the pandemic it was hard to start the program I wanted to start to assist these young people.  So, to that end I want to introduce a young lady that really needs our help.  I have known her since she was 6-year-old and one of a group of little ones that protected the new babies that entered elementary school.  One of those babies was my baby (Eboni) at the time.  They have remained friends.  Jocelyn attended Madonna University and went on to enter school at Gallaudet and graduated from there and got job as a teacher's aide in Maryland.  She needs $1627.00 to enter the CDI program which starts on January 4, 2021.  I am asking that you consider making a contribution towards this $1,627.00 she needs.  She was able to raise 965.00 so far.  I know the challenges personally and to that end I will not ask for what I would not donate myself.  Just Jameen is pledging $200.00 towards this effort.  Please let me know if you can find a way to help in any way.  Just Jameen in  partnership with Association for the Advancement of Deaf/Hard of Hearing (AADHH) Greater Metro Detroit Lions Club want to make this happen for her. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.  Read her story below.

Deborah Jameen Love-Creator of Just Jameen Products

In Jocelyn’s words

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How to donate:

If you would like to donate, please make checks payable to AADHH.  You may also pay by credit/debit card or cash app through Just Jameen.  We would like to complete this project so she can enter the program on time by December 20, 2020.  All donations are tax deductible as AADHH who will handle the finance is a 501C3. For additional ways to donate contact Just Jameen at (text voice) 313-377-7767. Or call 313-279-1494  or email        Another way To donate online click here

Just Jameen Has 2 Projects for this Season (See below):

Assisting a deaf Student from Detroit, MI

Adopting a family with a Deaf child

Adopting a family

4 organizations that support Deaf/Hard of Hearing have come together to adopt 3 families in the Detroit Area for Christmas.  Each family has at least one deaf/hard of hearing child and has a need.  In this time of challenges many families have lost employment and places to live.  Again just Jameen will contribute to this project.

The members of the orgainization will shop based onthe families request but here are some items we could use:

The family that just Jameen & Greater Metro Detroit Lions has adopted has 6 children

  • They love all arts supplies and board games
  • Grocery & Clothing  Store gift cards  (target, Kroger, Walmart)
  • Household items microwave, dishes etc

For more details email or

You can donate online through Paypal   click here